Pack Busting: 1989 Topps

This is my first post as part of the Wax Fantastic and what better way than to bust some vintage cards! Don’t eat the gum on this one!

Each pack contains 15 cards and one stick of bubblegum and in 1989 packs could also win a trip to spring training! Very cool, this set also contained some pretty good insert sets from the early days of inserts which were a relatively new addition to card collecting.

The first card I pulled was a Cub too so that’s a good start. The cards I pulled from this pack were as follows:

Les Lancaster Chicago Cubs

Vance Law Chicago Cubs (two cubbies in a row!)

Kevin Coffman Braves (but moved to the Cubs in 1989 Three cubs!)

Jay Bell Indians

Mike Marshall Dodgers

Dennis Rasmussen Padres

Glenn Braggs Brewers

Chris Bosio Brewers

Gary Thurman Royals

Dave LaPoint Pirates

Dennis Eckersley Athlethics  (former Cub so I’m counting him as a Cubbie)

John Morris Cardinals

Richard Dotson Yankees

Astros Leaders

All Star American League Card Kirby Puckett (who is from Chicago but never played for the Cubs)

I’m going to include the picture of the Kirby card just because the all star set is a fantastic addition to this set and Kirby had a hell of a year in ’89 getting his first and only batting title.

I love the card design on this set with the team logo in a cool jersey style banner in the bottom right corner and crisp clean borders on most of the base cards; the photography is spot on this year and has some great action shots.

I would have liked to pull the Pete Rose from this set as that photo is my favourite of Rose in that era.

All the none Cubs cards are up for trade if anyone is interested.


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