Caveat Emptor – Part 1

Buyer Beware!

Welcome, to the first in an ongoing series of musings/rants dealing with some of my experiences of buying and selling on eBay!

eBay, as we are all aware, is a necessary evil in our line of collecting. When done correctly, with mutual respect, prompt communication and payments, and timely shipping – eBay is our friend!! And as far as I’m concerned this is pretty much 99.99% of the time

However there are a few instances, every once in a blue moon, where things can go tits up, and we’re left with a bad buying/selling experience that leaves a sour taste in the mouth – this is when eBay is NOT our friend!!

Take the following listing as an example, paying particular attention to the title. Click on it to take you to the actual listing…


I’ve been after a Gerrit Cole autograph from 2012 Bowman for a few weeks and this seemed too good an opportunity to miss. “A spelling error in the title and a guaranteed auto ‘Hot’ pack – this could be a potential gold mine”, I thought to myself!!

So, I placed a bid and won the auction early Sunday morning!! GET IN!!! Paid for the pack and away we go!!

At this point I went back to the auction description again… Hold on a sec… I don’t think I read it like that the first time… The title of the auction reads 2012 BOWMAN GERRIT COLE CHROME AUTOHOT RACK PACK BCP86 !!! BLUE PURPLE WAVE ??? but the description reads thus –


Pack is Guaranteed to contain one of the following cards:

Gerrit Cole Autograpgh BCP86

Gerrit Cole Chrome BCP86 (Possible Regular, Blue Wave, Blue, Purple)

Now, more fool me for not reading the description in more detail! This is something that I rarely do and as a result I sat in a darkened room verbally berating myself for a good few hours minutes as to the error of my ways. I can’t believe I got sucked in to the excitement of an auction which is probably nothing more than a Gerrit Cole prospect card sitting on the back of a Retail rack pack!!

“Now hold on a sec, I’ve just bought a 2012 Bowman Retail rack pack”, I thought, continuing my alarming trend of internal monologues… I suddenly realised that the set of on-card autographed prospects that Gerrit Cole belongs to is a Hobby exclusive and only available in Hobby and Jumbo packs!! There’s no way it can be pulled from a Retail pack!!

Therefore the original listing was wrong as there was no way to guarantee the possibility of a Cole autographed prospect card in a pack where it wouldn’t have been seeded in the first place.

I’ve contacted the seller this morning to get the transaction cancelled, but I could have ended up with egg on my face with this particular auction.

The moral of this tale – Always read the bloody description, don’t just be sucked in by the title

I’ll let you know how the story ends…


2 thoughts on “Caveat Emptor – Part 1

  1. I think the blue wave cards are only available through a wrapper redemption scheme. You could try contacting ebay and complaining about a false listing.

    1. “Redeem 24 Hobby Wrappers for a 5 card pack of the 110 card Bowman Prospects in an all new Blue Wave Parallel. Look for special refractors, Red Wave Autographs #/25 and Blue Wave Autographs #/50 randomly inserted.”

      Here’s the official write-up on the Blue Wave refractors.

      Looks like you were right on that one, Simon.

      I’m going to see what he says first but I think contacting eBay might be on the cards.

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