Major Card Companies Identified in Game-Used Fraud Case

Any game-used memorabilia card collector’s out there??

Well, if there are then this story that appeared a couple of days ago on Cardboard Connection might just be of interest to you!

Basically it involves the summary of a joint interview between the FBI and the US Postal Inspector, and a gentleman named Brad Wells, who last week pled guilty to charges involving the sale of fraudulent game-used bats and jerseys.

What’s of interest here is that a quantity of this fraudulent ‘game-used’ memorabilia allegedly found its way into the hands of some of the major sports card companies in the US.

You can read the full article right here, which also contains a link to the actual interview summary made at the time by the FBI/US Postal Inspector.

So what does all this mean to us humble collectors??

At the moment I’m not aware that any of the major card companies, whose names have been mentioned, have come forward with a statement but I will post more information as and when it becomes available.

On a more personal level I’m not a big game-used jersey/bat collector myself, but I know that there’s a huge secondary market for these types of cards. When they first appeared on the scene well over a decade ago I absolutely hated game-used memorabilia cards. The cuts were always too small and the whole idea felt like too much of a gimmick! However, in my advancing years my tastes have changed and I’ve found myself more readily drawn to this type of card, particularly if there’s a strong design element to the card itself, and I tend to view game-used memorabilia more as a great product ‘insert’ than anything else!

So, are any of you out there troubled by the news in this article? Will it affect your collecting habits in any way, shape or form? Are you even bothered in the slightest?

Your comments on game-used memorabilia in general are welcome, so vent away!!


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