2013 Topps Tribute Baseball Preview

It’s the same old story…

You wait months for one Product Preview to arrive and then two come along at once!!

Hot on the heels of yesterdays 2013 Topps Series 1 preview comes Topps’ first high-end product of 2013 – Topps Tribute!!

As before you can see these glorious cards in all their… well… glory by clicking here for the sell sheet.

As a general rule I’m not a massive fan of high-end releases, despite the fact that the designs look great (although a bit too similar to the 2012 release I think), as boxes/packs tend to be beyond the price range of your average collector. I always feel that products like this pander to those searching for the big ‘hit’ and the singles tend to have a massively inflated price on the secondary market as sellers look to recoup the money they paid for the boxes in the first place.

This then means that player collectors often have to pay over-the-odds to add to their own personal collections, particularly in the period following the initial release… Always better to wait a while to pick up singles from this set I reckon!!

I’ll probably pick up a few cards to take a closer look when they surface on eBay but personally I’ll leave this one for those with much deeper pockets than my good self.


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