First Post… Why we collect!!

I love Baseball and I love Baseball cards!!

But above all else I love collecting…

Over the years, as my tastes and moods have change, so have my collecting habits, and over the last 10 years of collecting Baseball cards I’ve put several different collections together, only to dismantle them, sell them off, and start all over again…

Too easily distracted by all the shiny new stuff that comes out on an all-too regular basis, I guess!

About 10 years ago my focus was on vintage rookie cards. I had a great selection from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, including a 1962 Topps Lou Brock; a 1965 Topps Joe Morgan; a 1975 Topps George Brett; a 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson, and many more. At the centre piece of the collection was an awesome 1959 Topps Bob Gibson rookie!!

After the birth of my first daughter in 2001 I always knew that financially I wouldn’t be able to grow a collection like this so I begrudgingly sold them all off. Since then I’ve flirted with Jersey relic cards, Bowman rookie cards, Cardinals cards (Go Cards!), back again to vintage rookies, prospect autographs, and now Allen & Ginter mini inserts – you know, those of the non-Baseball variety, Lords of Olympus, Man’s Best Friend, etc, etc…

I’ve also tried collecting individual players as well but have more often than not been put off by the sheer volume of cards available! Like… Where the hell do you start??

As if that wasn’t bad enough I’ve changed my focus once again back to Bowman autographs and will soon be trawling eBay for the 2012 Bowman prospects/rookie autographed cards.

Naturally that will mean selling off the A&G minis to part finance this new ‘passion’ – but been there, done that!

As I sit typing this I can’t help but ask myself – Why? Why do I put myself through this same circle of ‘collecting regeneration’, month after month, year after year??

Answers on a post card please, to the usual address…


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