Baseball Card Collecting – UK Style!

Now, as any UK collector of US sports cards knows, we all pretty much have to rely on eBay for the majority of our cards. There are alternatives available (Check Out My Cards is one that springs immediately to mind) but time after time we find ourselves going back to the ‘Bay…

And this naturally opens us up to the lottery that is Customs charges for larger priced items, such as boxes or high valued cards!

I’ll write up something in the near future about my thoughts and experiences around this matter but I first wanted to bring to your attention the recent experiences of John, over on his blog ‘The Pursuit of 80’s(ness)’. He has just posted about this very issue so please jump over and check it out!!

It’s a pretty cool blog with some great insights… He is a Red Sox fan, but this shouldn’t be held against him 😉


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